Field Of Activity






1. Obtaining the new information will allow the development of science and technology, producing new materials, products and tools with available knowledge, creating new systems, processes and services including software production or doing regular exercises with the aim of improving the existing ones and establishing innovative business management systems for SMEs


2. Developing innovative marketing strategies and marketing plans which can provide business adaptation to changing market conditions, establishing of accounting-finance strategies and accounting information systems


3. Innovative organizational recommendations and activities, feasibility studies, process management, new product and system building efforts


4. Conversion works to ensure compliance with existing enterprise systems to changing market conditions


5. Research and development of internationally competitive innovative educational products for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)


6. By doing R & D studies on educational technology, instructional design, distance education and e-learning areas for the employees and managers of SMEs producing service, industry and trade, the development of innovative educational products and the realization of commercial projects


7. Research to improve the quality and standards of educational products of SMEs producing service, industry and trade, and implementation of new technologies in this area


8. Designing workflow platforms will allow increasing productivity of educational environments development and decreasing costs in the private and public sector


9. Research and development of specific measurement tools for private and public institutions,training materials and electronic learning environments, and take out a patent of this tools





1. Produce technological knowledge to country industry has internationally competitive and export-oriented structure together with universities, TUBITAK, research institutions and organizations,development of innovation to products and production methods, raise the quality or standard of product, improve productivity, reduce production costs, commercialize technological knowledge, support of technology-intensive production and entrepreneurship, ensure compliance of SMEs to new and advanced technologies, create investment opportunities in technology-intensive areas with taking into account the decisions of the Supreme Council of Science and Technology, create job opportunities for researchers and qualified persons, assist the transfer of technology and provide the technological infrastructure to accelerate the entry of foreign capital that allows high / advanced technology


2. Produce innovative projects and programs for European Union projects and programs, participate in existing programs, cooperate with other organizations in this regard


3. The design projects of remote-service training programs based on information and communication technologies for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), private and public sector


4. Respond the training needs of NGOs, the private and public institutions,design appropriate educational environment for these needs and construction projects


5. Information and communication technology-based education projects to solve the educational needs of SMEs with economic and efficient methods


6. Produce distance education projects based on information and communication technologies for “General Foreign Language Teaching” and “Business Foreign Language Teaching”





1. Raise of SMEs product quality and standards, improve marketing management systems, making innovative software to develop accounting-finance and management information systems


2. Production, development, processing, reproduction, all kinds of physical and electronic dissemination of hardware processed into all kinds of computer, software, operating system software, application software, database, increase productivity software, multi media (multimedia) software product and any other similar software.


3. Teaching software that are produced, developed, purchased and sold use license, imported, exported and marketed, and submitting all kinds of technical support, training, technical service activities about computer users and staff training, executing all kinds of services of software and hardware before and after the sale


4. Make research, project and feasibility studies about areas of all kinds of computer software products, computer, information technology, communications, electronic communications media, internet, multimedia (multi media) products, and systems analysis, producing and marketing services of computer technology development, provide the same services on the Internet, selling and marketing